About the Carl Sandburg Elementary & Discovery Community School PTSA


Sandburg & DCS PTSA is a state and nationally affiliated 501c(3) non-profit corporation. We work in close partnership with our schools. Our vision is to make every child's potential a reality.

Our members are caregivers, teachers, staff, community members, and friends of the Sandburg & DCS communities. Family and community engagement cultivates our children's best elementary school experiences.


The Carl Sandburg & DCS PTSA will strive to: Enhance the learning environment for all students; be a relevant resource for families, teachers, staff, and administration; & advocate for the education and well-being of every child.


Classroom and curriculum support is vital to our mission. To this end, PTSA programs support math, science, art, music, library, outdoor education, and educative assemblies as well as teacher stipends and staff appreciation events.

Research indicates that students do better in the classroom when there is a strong sense of school community. To support this, the PTSA sponsors social and family events, as well as numerous school enrichment programs to build a shared sense of belonging.

To promote health and safety, the PTSA supports health screenings, funds third-grade swim classes, offers parent education opportunities, stocks emergency preparedness supplies, and maintains herbicide-free school grounds, among numerous other programs focused on the well-being of our students.
This is possible because of the incredible contributions of time and talent from staff, administration and families like you. Whatever you have to contribute, the Sandburg & DCS community needs your voice & participation.


The PTSA board is elected for up to two-year terms and consists wholly of community volunteers.

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Scott Selfon

Scott is a dad to both a current Carl Sandburg Elementary School student and two Sandburg alums! He volunteers through the PTSA to support activities and efforts that empower our students, families and teachers to do their best work, learn with equity and have fun doing it.

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Serenity Gray

Serenity has been supporting the PTSA for five years and continues to volunteer because she enjoys creating an environment and community that is inclusive, enriched and fun for to students to learn in. She enjoys working in collaboration with the school to make sure the staff and teachers are supported to create the best learning environment for our students.

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Meredith Selfon

Meredith joined the PTSA because it takes people bringing their time and talent to the table to help move society toward a more equitable and just future. All children have the right to high-quality education and the support to reach their full potential. PTSA plays a role in making that happen by advocating for local and federal laws that address quality of education, opportunity and equity, gun safety and violence prevention, child health and safety and more. PTSA also brings our community together to provide opportunities for our students to enrich their learning and growth.

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VP Communications

Maryam Aycox

Maryam and her family moved to the Sandburg & DCS community 3 years ago for the sole purpose of her children attending this school. After serving on the board of her kid's previous school she researched and chose what she considers a community where her family can lay long-standing roots and be a part of something special. The families she has met throughout her time in the neighborhood inspired her to join the PTSA board and become an involved member of the Sandburg & DCS family. She is a working mom of 3 boys, 2 Sandburg & DCS Seals and 1 Alum!

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Co-VP School Services

C.C. Brown

C.C.’s family has been part of the Sandburg DCS community since before the new campus was built; her son, now a sophomore at JHS, started kindergarten in 2012. She has volunteered in multiple capacities throughout the years—in the classroom and for school functions—and felt it was time to participate in a bigger way, now that her family’s chapter at Sandburg is coming to an end (her youngest (and last) is in fifth grade). She joined the board in September of 2020 to support our school families during the height of remote learning and hopes that her contribution will encourage others to volunteer their time in all capacities, big and small.

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Amy Rosario

Amy and her family have been a part of the amazing Sandburg & DCS community for the past 3 years. She has served on the PTSA Board during the 2020-2021 school year and appreciated being able to help support students, families, teachers and staff through events such as pantry packs, staff appreciation and the giving tree. Amy is looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year and welcomes everyone in the community to contribute their ideas and get involved in making this school year a success! services@sandburgdcsptsa.org

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VP Family & Community Engagement (FACE)

Katie Tritch

Katie looks forward to working with you to create fun and engaging events for our Sandburg & DCS community. She believes school and community events are such an important way to build meaningful connections and memories for our students and relationships between our families. Join us in creating a memorable year for our students!

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VP Enrichment

Janice Orr

Volunteering has provided Janice the opportunity to meet other families, students, and staff at Sandburg & DCS. It has created a feeling of a smaller, more intimate school than its 400+ student body. Her goal of participating on the PTSA Board is to help others experience this same small community feel. This will be her 6th and final year volunteering at Sandburg before her daughter moves on to middle school.


VP Membership

Christy Van De Mark

Christy is a full-time working Mom that is passionate about her community and ensuring it is safe, fun and inclusive for all. She is a long-time member of this community, having grown up on Finn Hill and is excited to be a part of the continued growth and positive change.

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Co-VP Fundraising

Helen Alexander

Helen has enjoyed volunteering in the classroom since her eldest son joined kindergarten. Then when her youngest daughter started school she felt there was no better time to become more involved in PTSA and volunteered to become a board member. Helen has been pleasantly surprised by how much the camaraderie from both board members and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes joining a board may seem daunting, however, in this case, Helen has come to experience a community where people all just want to support as best as we can so all of the children can have a fun elementary school experience.

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Ashley Smiley

Ashley chose to serve on the board of the PTSA in order to help her child’s school community and make connections with other parents/families. It’s important to the well-being of our school community to have a strong PTSA.

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Treasurer – Banking

Betsy Cleaves

Betsy has been involved in many opportunities to volunteer her time and believes in the importance of volunteering and giving back to her community. Volunteering with the PTSA is a way of supporting her kid's growth and education as well as a way of getting to know the Sandburg & DCS families. Also, being involved gives Betsy a voice in the events and programs that are offered.


Treasurer – Reporting

Jessica Secan

Jessica Secan is very excited to continue year two on the PTSA Board. As a former school administrator, she understands what it is like to be in both worlds, as an educator and also as a parent. While managing the PTSA budget isn't the most glamorous of jobs, she knows that it is important for someone to have a birds eye view over the overall numbers. When Jessica isn't crunching numbers, she's parenting her 5th grader at Sandburg and working in software sales. Jessica truly loves life at Sandburg and is thankful for all of the teachers who've worked so hard over the years here.